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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, crisscrossing the country. the push to get people to the polls and the national effort concentrated right here in the bay area. welshing we begin with breaking news in that breaking news is coming out of tampa. the police department is currently investigating a traffic crash. now it is at a fatality. at this point we know it's involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. but we don't know who -- who it involved. whether it's the motorcyclist or the person in that car. >> or that driver and all eastbound lanes here on the gandy are frau closed fright -- now closed right now.
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your -- are asked to avoid the area entirely. it's the eve before the first ballots will be cast in the presidential election. >> early voting starts in many florida counties tomorrow. as kera meshak tells us tonight, that's why so many groups are out making the round encouraging voters to get to the polls. >> reporter: with hands raised in worship, the grown up of christians gatt -- group of christians gather for sunday night service. ? ? the message here the christian responsibility to vote in this election. >> things you cannot do is not vote at all. in our view, that's a sin. for a free american with this wonderful right that many people in the world don't have, to just cast it aside. you just can't do that. >> reporter: bishop jackson's group is crossing through five battleground states including florida and the coming days. this tour stressing every vote matters. and to take advantage of the opportunities to start making your voice heard when early
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>> don't wait. don't wait. get out there and vote right now. >> reporter: by some estimates 25 million evangelical voters stayed home in the 2012 election and experts say both are concerned christians and other voters might be so unhappy with their choices they'll sit this one out too. all reasons we're seeing a lot of hillary clinton and donald trump in our area. >> $81 million is being spent on advertising in florida. so if you think you're seeing the more ads than anybody else in the >> reporter: these voters more convinced after this pep talk expressing their values through their votes is needed. >> if we don't do something right now, that's going to happen to our kids and our grandkids. >> i know that if we unite, we can make a difference in the united states. >> reporter: and as of -- across the country trying to get voters to the polls, also hoping every voter will continue to make their voices
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day. reporting in hillsborough county, kera meshak, abc action news. the republican holding a rally at the mid florida credit union amphitheater. it starts at 7:00 p.m. and doors open at 4:00. dozens of tow trucks lined the road this afternoon. the drivers paying respects to another tow operator killed on the job. troy mcguire kyled two weeks -- was killed two weeks ago. drivers say they're hoping to raise awareness and save lives. the drivers' past where he was killed and many at the event say they had near death experiences of their own. >> every one of us out here jumped on the back of their trucks at least more times than you can accounted because we don't want to get hit. >> ginger darling organized sunday's ride for driver troy mcguire. her hope is his death will encourage people to obey the law and move over. that means when you see an emergency vehicle on the side
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one lane. she hopes she'll never organize another memorial ride like this one but she knows she probably will. well, are you enjoying this change of weathered? >> cool starts to the morning and guess what even chillier and more warming up here towards the middle of this week. >> this morning we saw the 8:00est temperatures -- coolest temperatures we've march. we dropped down to 54 degrees today in tampa with a high of 79. our normal low is 66. so the normal high of 83. the record set last year, record high, of 89 degrees on this date. and the record low set in 1898 of 47 degrees. so what's up ahead? well not as cold tonight. temperatures will be about oh three to five to maybe even seven in some parts degrees warmer than what we saw in the
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tomorrow, couple of degrees warmer. still plenty of sunshine. and then mostly dry for several days. we have a very, very slight chance of rain in the forecast. only about 0% by midweek. -- 10% by midweek. right now overnight tonight we will drop down into the 50s. in most of the bay area. i'll have your full forecast in your seven day forecast coming up in just a little bit. guys? all right thanks. these two men facing several charges tonight and trying to flee from deputies in palm harbor. they spotted anthony lockenard driving on u.s. 19 north around 7:45 on sad night erratically. they tried stopping him but he kept going. not only crashing into another car but then trying to flee from that collision. they caught him after his car broke down a short distance away. he and his passenger kyle smith face several charges after deputies say they found a stolen gun and drugsment the
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okay. right now, pasco deputies need your help to identify the man in these photos. here you see him robbing new port richey walgreens and holding the manager at gunpoint. he ran off and may have gotten into a car. crime stoppers is offering up to $3,000 reward for any information. new tonight, miami police are looking for the woman behind a shooting injuring three people. one of those victims a 12-year- old boy. police say the boy was shot right outside of his home saturday near roberto clemente parkings the 17 and 20-year-old were robbed and then shot after giving up their personal items. here you see neighbors jumping into action tending to the victims. the shooter is still on the loose tonight. but good news, the three victims are expected to live. and now a bizarre story in jacksonville. a woman's cat is killed with a bow and arrow. sarah trump believes it's the same person who was shot and -- two other family's cats.
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in the nassau county sheriff's office is now stepping in to investigate. and getting prescription drugs off the streets with the program called operation pill drop. it is in its second week, dea agents say the majority of abusers get their drugs from friends and family's medicine cabinets, drawers and pedside tables. this week one of the locations includes -- if you want more information, just head to our website. still ahead, death rising in california after a bus crashes into a semi in. >> and sharing pretty 8:00 opinions, why secrecy at the polls could be a thing of the past but the one factor that
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death toll of the bus crash in palm springs, california continues to rise. 13 people are reportedly dead after a deadly bus crash there.
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a tractor-trailer just before 5:30 sunday morning. but they still aren't sure why it crashed. police say there are no signs that the brakes were deployed. and shocking video out of dc that may have you looking twice to make sure it's actually what you are seeing. an adult punching a 7-year-old boy in the school hallway you saw it there. the schoolmate's parent just walked away. the mom asked for the surveillance video after her son told her what happened. she knows the shocked saying they had positive interactions in the past. police are investigating. now to democracy 2016 a big boost for hillary clinton in the race for the white house. a new poll shows the democratic nominee getting a bump heading into the final days of the campaign. >> and donald trump is facing some challenging new numbers. abc's mary bruce is in washington with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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for. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the democratic nominee looking confident with just 16 days to go. and a new abc news tracking poll taken after the final debate shows why. clinton is now ahead by double digits up 12 points over rival donald trump. >> my opponent thinks belittling women makes him bigger. that may be who donald trump is, but this election is about who we are. and what we believe. >> targeting the battleground state of north carolina where she'll make her firs joint campaign appearance with first lady myship obama later this week. >> you have a lot of energy. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump is focusing on florida but still fighting those accusations of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: as trim of pledges to take all the accusers to court, a new woman has commiphora ward.
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forward. adult film star jessica drake says trump kissed her without consent ten years ago. we are unable to confirm the allegations. the campaign insists the latest claim like the others is untrue and say it's trump's right to sue the women. >> he's just trying to defend himself against a false accusers as you said. he said the incidents never happened and yet they're covered in the media every single day. >> reporter: but the new poll shows 69% of voters don't like the way he's accusations of sexual assault. and 59% don't leave his claim -- believe his claim that the vote is rigged. mary bruce, abc news, washington. many are wondering if donald trump's campaign manager kelly anne conway knew about the plans to blast the accuser before his speech. he was on cnn's -- she was on cnn's state of the union today. only saying he has a privilege to say what he wants. former president bill clinton continuing to stump for
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today the former president spoke at the century pines jewish center. clinton says voting in this year's election will be a true test of america's character. democratic presidential nominee tim kaine says he and clinton want to make voter registration automatic on your 18th birthday. kaine was in gainesville today speaking at the university of florida. monday he'll be speaking in miami. in palm beach. officials now warning voters to think twice before posting a ballot selfie. the move may get you in some trouble. bringing you fines or potential jail time. most states have banned sharing of photo of your ballot and some say it's okay only if it's a mail-in ballot. it's illegal to post ballot selfies in florida. the cubs' win last night still getting major attention. several celebrities and government officials even taking to social media and sharing the excitement. here's president obama congratulating the team on twitter. former miami heat player dwyane
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obama also took to twitter. hillary clinton's traveling press secretary even captured the moment clinton learned that her beloved chicago cubs are headed to the world series. this is the team's first world series appearance in 71 years. and in miami resident is a record holder tonight for eating a whole lot of crab. at an annual stone crab eating contest on saturday, juan malen cracked and ate 25 stone crab claws this is something pretty special for mallen. he's been trying to win the contest for six years. we all have our goals right? >> you know it's funny you look at the eating contest and you think of hot dogs and you don't have to worry about any shells or crashes -- crabs you do. >> i still think i would rather eat that many crab legs than hot dogs. >> that would go by faster. >> it just looks gross eating
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[ laughter ] well, here's something that looks pretty fantastic and that was the river gate tower cam overlooking davis island. it was a very chilly start to the day today. in fact, we saw the coolest temperatures that we've seen all season. check out some of our temperatures today. our early morning low in tampa was 54. 54 also in various. winter haven -- sarasota. inverness 41 and brooksville down to 39 degrees. this morning. how about that? pretty crazy. current temperatures right now are around the bay area though are dropping but we're not expecting to see any temperatures as cool as what we saw last night. we expect temperatures to drop into the 50s and 60s along the coast. so certainly a few degrees warmer than what we've seen and through the next couple of days the early morning lows will continue to rise. you know the cold fronts don't
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still seeing some of the chilly air but over the next several days as high pressure builds in, those winds are going to move out of the east. and when that happens it is going to bring in a little bit of moisture and we could have some cloud cover and certainly going to help warm ups. as we head -- us up as we head through the next 12 to 24 to 8 hours. -- 48 hours, but not really much in the way of rain. this is a look at upper levels of the atmosphere. so still dry conditions across the state of florida. there is a little bit of moisture out to for helping bring maybe just a chance of showers by midweek. so here's a look at your fall planner. chilly but not as cool in the morning. by noon plenty of sunshine. dry and comfortable. with a high temperature tomorrow of 81 degrees. lots of sunshine. and then in the evening, the temperatures will continue to moderate over the next couple of days. we'll get a few degrees warmer every day. out in the tropics, things are looking pretty good. in fact no tropical development is expected for the next five
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voting -- boating forecast, winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15 knots and seas two feet or less with a moderate chop on bay and inland waters and your tides at the pier next tie hide in about 13 minutes -- high tide in about 13 minutes. here's the forecast. 60 degrees overnight. so it's chilly. but certainly not as cool as what we've seen the last couple of nights. remember last night in tampa the low was 54. and tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine 81 degrees our forecast high. at least not for the next couple of days. here's a look at your seven day forecast. as we head into the workweek, things begin to warm up and we only have a 10% chance by midweek. and really that's just touch and go. really going to look pretty dry and temperatures return to normal by midweek. guys? still ahead, victory sunday night in the bay. the buccaneers dominate the 49ers in a rare west coast win.
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today. those guys are doing a good job because you know, you all rush for 350 or whatever it was if you're not blocking somebody. >> wait did we just here him say the buccaneers ran for almost 50 -- 250 yards? how soon we forget those two guys. rogers and barber and smith, all ran over the niners' defense entrout a big 34 -- en route to a big win this afternoon. with the injured hamstring and he is working his way to get back. meanwhile the bucs' offense strucked in the first quarter here in the second though winston scrambles and finds mike evans touchdown fay. niners -- tampa bay. niners lead lawsuit to 14- cut to 14-7. what a game for rogers. 26 carries for 154. he had 100 yards on the ground in the first half. first buccaneer running back to do that since doug martin last
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under a minute to go in the half. winston stays in the pocket and airs it out and caught by shepherd in the end zone. after the field goal bucs' now lead it 20-14. winston rolls left and plants and fires to number 13. another bucs' score. 27 unanswered tampa bay points. second td of the game for mike evans and buccaneers just pouring it on. balanced effort in the air and on the ground. fourth quarter payton barber gone. turns reservation for six. 44-yard score. he's going to want to save that ball. first career touchdown for barber buccaneers defeat the niners 34-17. it's just the third win all- time in san francisco for the bucs. who cares about the west coast struggles right? bucs now improve to 7-28 all- time in the pacific time zone. but more importantly though, tampa bay is now 3-3. >> when you do what we supposed to do, we're a tough team to beat you know.
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got to show up. you know. you never can have a week where you don't show up but we have a great time. >> we have to come back and we get a victory monday. that's all we can do. we get to come back in wednesday and put this game to rest and focus on oakland. >> we have to learn how to win some games at home. we need to -- let's keep the raiders' jerseys out of the lower bowl. let's go inside the numbers. 513 yards of offense the most all season for all thanks to 249 yards on the ground. jameis winston settled down at the shaky fourth quarter and tenth time in his career 21 nfl games he's thrown for more than 250 yards. this late in the season they are at the .500 mark. next up for the team the silver can black. raiders in jacksonville, taking on the jaguars. that is murray barreling into the end zone. raiders on top and go on to
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a good test next week for the bucs. at rj. the bucs will play the saints twice and the chiefs once before the season is all over. saints and kc. tipped and picked off by drew sorenson. to the house 38 yards. kc wins 27-22. new orleans is now 2-4 on the season. the bucs played the falcons if two weeks and atlanta welcoming san diego to town this afternoon. overtime. atlanta going for bad decision here's why. san diego eventually takes over and lam bow wins it. 32-yard field goal in overtime and chargers escape with the 33- 30 win. the world series will begin tuesday in cleveland and the same night the car leaves will raise the -- cavaliers will raise the championship banner. in a wokes the indians or -- two weeks the indians or the cubs will have a fall banner of their own. two historic franchises with title droughts lasting more
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but for both managers, it's about enjoying the moment and not changing their preparation. >> i don't want any more work. i don't want any extra study. we have to -- we haven't played cleveland. that's one thing that might require a little bit more attention. >> it felt really good. i just kept hoping they would keep playing and like extra innings or you know all kinds of stuff gnaw didn't happen. -- but that didn't happen. for october. >> this is the chicago cubs' 17th time to the world series. but first since 1945. this is the indians' sixth trip first since '97. cubs and indians have the longest mlb title drought. they have a combined 176 years without a championship. so that's going to end at some point in the next two weeks. game on tuesday night. stay tuned we're back at this final time -- after this
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and listen to this. a corroded iron key to a locker on the titanic has sold at auction for 80,000 pounds. and in case you're wondering that equals over $100,000. >> now the key longed to a 23- year-old -- belonged to a 23- year-old ship's steward. he died when the then state-of- the-art passenger liner struck an iceberg and maiden voyage from england to new york. and of course the titanic sank back in 1912. mmm. well, on a chilly start to the day tomorrow. but not as chilly as what we've seen over the past couple of days. we'll drop to 60 in tampa and 50s in the inland areas. blocksville drops to 51 which is definitely warmer than their 39 degrees they were this morning. >> who. >> 9? >> -- wow? >> 39. how about that? >> here's a look at the seven
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>> you know the producers said she actually turned on heater last night. i don't think it's that cold yet. >> i thought it was cold. yeah. >> i slept with the windows open last night. i needed something refreshing. >> this afternoon i put on two sweatshirts and a blanket and sat outside and was still cold. >> i'm telling you. see? florida is -- >> thank you so much for choosing abc action news. >> have a great rest of your night and a better week ahead. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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